consumed content week ending 2-21-20

I didn’t get as much time as I would’ve liked to read this week, as I’m putting a lot of work into converting my pkm system from Notion to Emacs and org-mode. Notion has been amazing, and has some great features, but I’m still on a quest to reduce friction as much as possible in the process of communicating my thoughts and ideas. The context switching between IDE and Notion can be somewhat cumbersome, and there’s still manual work in converting to Frontmatter-valid Markdown for Hugo to consume.

consumed content week ending 2-14-20

I’m going to try and keep a weekly cadence of posting everything I listened to, read, or more generally “consumed” content-wise through the week on Fridays. Hopefully someone else finds this stuff interesting or can learn something from it. My goal is to motivate myself(and others) to keep learning, and to keep a record of what was learned and where it came from. After I’ve built up some historical data, I might give a shot at doing some analysis of the content and trends over time.

what i use

I’ve always been interested in what people “use” to carry out knowledge work. Input devices, IDEs, ergonomics(very important for a variety of reasons), scheduling, task management etc… I spend a lot of time poring over various threads and blog posts, looking for anything that I can integrate into my own workflows to potentially improve my productivity. Note that net-output doesn’t have to be the only goal in-mind. Sometimes I just want to try something out that’s piqued my intellectual curiosity(Emacs anyone?